Phylum Arthropoda
Class Insecta
Order Coleoptera
Family Noteridae
Common Name Burrowing Water Beetle
Distinguishing Characteristics
  • Distinct noterid platform - plate between the second and third pair of legs
  • Smooth oval bodies
  • Brown to dark reddish in color
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     There are 230 species in 12 genera. The Noteridae family is found worldwide, but favors the tropics. Larvae range in size from 1-5 mm and are carnivorous feeders.
     Larvae burrow in the stems of aquatic plants, where the larvae use their spiracles, located on the abdomen, to attach to the inside of the plant. The noterid larvae beings the formation of a cocoon, initiating the next phase in its life cycle, the pupa phase. Trapped air within the stem allows for the encased pupa to respire while growing into an adult. The larvae can also be found throughout ponds and marsh substrates.
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