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Camptocercus sp
Camptocercus spp.
Camptocercus sp Camptocercus sp
Phylum Arthropoda
Subphylum Crustacea
Class Branchiopoda
Suborder Cladocera
Family Chydoridae
Distinguishing Characteristics
Taxonomic Notes
  • The genus Camptocercus is poorly known in North America, with only C. oklahomensis being adequately described (1)(2). Camptocercus rectirostris, C. lilljeborgi, and C. macrurus are European species and appear not to occur in North America (1)(2). See Smirnov (1998) for a key to the genus Camptocercus. The only North American species listed in his key is C. oklahomensis, but the paper provides taxonomic information and features which may apply to North American populations.

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(2) SMIRNOV, N.N. 1998. A revision of genus Camptocercus (Anomopoda, Chydoridae, Aloninae). Hydrobiologia. 386: 63-83.