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Daphnia rosea
Daphnia rosea
Phylum Arthropoda
Subphylum Crustacea
Class Branchiopoda
Suborder Cladocera
Family Daphniidae
Distinguishing Characteristics
  • Ocellus present
  • Postabdominal claw with proximal, middle and distal pecten about the same size
  • Swimming hair at base of second segment of ramus extends beyond end of ramus
  • Second abdominal process about 1/2 as long as first
  • Head twice as deep as long
Additional Notes
  • Based on molecular studies, Daphnia rosea appears to be a species that invaded North America from Europe.  Daphnia dentifera has been proposed as a new species designation for Daphnia rosea and its close relatives in North America (Hebert 1995).
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