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Daphnia schødleri
Daphnia schødleri
Phylum Arthropoda
Subphylum Crustacea
Class Branchiopoda
Suborder Cladocera
Family Daphniidae
Distinguishing Characteristics
  • Middle pecten of postabdominal claw stout and long, largest at least three times as long as distal pecten.
  • Ocellus present.
  • Optic vesicle does not touch margin of head.
  • Ventral margin of head more or less straight.
  • Dorsal spinules long, interspinule distance less than 1.5 times the spinule length.
  • Middle pecten of postabdominal claw with 3-7 teeth.
  • Head and valves no more than 2 mm in length.
Additional Notes
  • Easily confused with Daphnia catawba except for spinules.
  • Molecular evidence suggests a close relationship between Daphnia schodleri and Daphnia pulicaria (Hebert 1995).
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