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Daphnia mendotae
Daphnia mendotae
Daphnia mendotae Daphnia mendotae
Phylum Arthropoda
Subphylum Crustacea
Class Branchiopoda
Suborder Cladocera
Family Daphniidae
Distinguishing Characteristics
  • Head with helmet, may be rounded or come to a point.
  • Ventral margin of valves nearly straight.
  • Shell spine one-third to two-third length of valves.
  • Three conspicuous abdominal processes, 2nd abdominal process is about half the length of the 1st
  • Proximal, middle and distal pecten of postabdominal claw all about the same size
  • Daphnia mendotae is most commonly found in mesotrophic to eutrophic lakes, where it appears to coexist well in the presence of cyanobacteria such as Microcystis .
  • Winter, non-helmeted forms of Daphnia mendotae are difficult to distinguish from Daphnia rosea .
Additional Notes
  • Molecular genetic studies suggest Daphnia galeata mendotae came from European stock.  Daphnia galeata has been proposed as a new species designation for Daphnia galeata mendotae (Hebert 1995).
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