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Stentor (Ciliated protist)


Stentor amethystinum with a Gonyostomum (Raphidiophyte) clogging its oral groove.



As above, slightly different focal plane



Cilia on apical end of Stentor amethystinum



Posterior tail of Stentor amethystinum. Both cilia and dense concentration of Zoochlorella are evident.



Stentor amethystinum highly pigmented



Stentor amethystinum packed with small green cells (Zoochlorella?), most evident near "tail". Dominant plankter in "No Bottom Bog" (a.k.a. "Smith Well Bog), Dover, NH USA



Stentor amethystinum with no curl in its "tail"



Stentor sp.
Photograph posted online



Stentor sp.
Photograph posted online



Stentor sp. with multinuclei evident ('string of pearls')


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