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Submerged view looking upward at lower surface of Brasenia leaves. Other foliage may be Utricularia. Image by Tom Alwin at Bear Lake, Michigan, USA


Flower and upper surface of leaves
Image modified from paflora.org


An example of the ruby-red color of the underside of loaves, and extensive mucilage often present on stems and leaf peduncles.
Modified from image by Linda Lee posted at botany.csdl.tamu.edu


Image from cover of American Journal of Botany shows example of extensive mucilage covering buds.


Flower ready for pollination. Image modified from botany.csdl.tamu.edu
Image by Eleanor Saulys.


Flower on right with developing fruits. Image modified from botany.csdl.tamu.edu
by Jed and Bonnied McClellan, California Academy of Sciences


Home / Anomalous_Items / Aquatic_Macrophytes / Floating_Leaves / Brasenia/ Images