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Name derivation:

Ano (Gr.) – upward; trichinos – hairy


Anotrichium  Nägeli 1862;  14 of 20 species descriptions are currently accepted taxonomically (Guiry and Guiry 20160

Subclass Florideophyceae;  Order Ceramiales;  Family Wrangeliaceae

Common name:  Forked Twig-weed



Erect, up to 30 cm tall, branched, multinucleate cells.  Groups of polychotomous trichoblast at upper end of some cells.Enlarged hypogenous cell with a whorl of post-fertilization involucral branches (Ibid.).

Similar genera:

Criffithsia, Callithamnion


Florida, Lesser Antilles, British Isles to Spain, the Mediterranean, eastern tropical Atlantic (Dawes and Mathieson 2008).



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