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Name derivation:

Asparagus (with suggestive morphology)

Common name:  Harpoon weed


Asparagopsis  Montagne 1849;  3 of 8 species descriptions are currently accepted taxonomically (Guiry and Guiry 2016)

Subclass Florideophyceae; Order Bonnemaisoniales; Family Bonnemaisoniaceae

Synonym:  Falkenbergia F. Schmitz



Delicate, bushy with alternate to radial branches.  Prostrate axes are attached with rhizoids.  Dioecious.  Cystocarps are borne on short stalks and produce carpospores (Dawes and Mathieson 2008).

Similar genera:



All coasts of North Carolina and Florida to a depth of 9 m.  Also occurs throughout the Caribbean, Bermuda, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, and the Mediterranean (Ibid.)



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