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Name derivation:

Bostrychia Montagne ex Ramon de la Sagra = Gr. bostrychos: a small curl or twisted; montagnei= named for the French phycologist J. F. C. Montagne



Bostrychia  E.M. Fries

Order Ceramiales;  Family Rhodomelaceae



Plants delicate to coarse, in fern-like tufts, dark, to dull purple. Erect branches arise randomly from prostrate fibrous axes that produce random haptera ventrally at forks. Branching of erect axes sparse and alternate below and distichous and spreading above. Older erect axes determinate, stiff, denuded, and with flexible, pinnate, featherlike, incurved branchlets above. Main axes with 6-7 pericentral cells and 5-7 layers of cortical cells. Branchlets  ecorticate and having 5 pericentral cells, with the last 2-5 segments uniseriate. Tetrasporangia tetrahedrally divided and within 2 rows of swollen stichidia that are short-stalked and partially corticated. Cystocarps ovoid, terminal, and either solitary or in pairs.


Similar genera:

Acanthophora J. V. Lamouroux, Amansia J. V. Lamouroux, Bryocladia F. Schmitz, Bryothamnion Kuetzing, Chondria C. Agardh, Digenea C. Agardh, Enantiocladia Falkenberg in F. Schmitz, Herposiphonia Nageli, Heterodasya Joly & Oliveira, Laurencia J. V. Lamouroux, Lophosiphonia Falkenberg in Engler and Prantl, Murrayella F. Schmitz, Neosiphonia M. S.Kim & I. K. Lee, Osmundaria J. V. Lamouroux, Osmundea Stackhouse, Palisada (Yamada) Nam, Polysiphonia Greville, Waldoia W. R. Taylor & Wrightiella F. Schmitz



Common on mangrove roots in Florida, the Caribbean, Bermuda, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, and Sierra Leone .



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