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Name derivation:

After Amelia W. Griffiths, British marine phycologist


Griffithsia  C. Agardh 1817;  39 of 101 species descriptions are currently recognized taxonomically (Guiry and Guiry 2016).

Class Florideophyceae; Order Ceramiales; Family Wrangeliaceae



Erect thallus up to 30 cm long, uniseriate axes, bush or matlike pink to rose red, attached by rhizoids from basal cells.  Dichotomous branching.  Uppper cells have whorls of colorless filaments that branch trichotomously (Dawes and Mathieson 2008)


Similar genera:



Widespread on temperate to tropical coasts, epiphytic on algae and mangrove roots, also on limestone and in salt marshes (Ibid.).




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