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Name derivation:

After Fredrik A. Wrangel, Swedish phycologist.


Wrangelia  C. Agardh  1828;  21 of 62 species descriptions are currently accepted taxonomically (Guiry and Guiry 2016).

Class Florideophyceae; Order Ceramiales; Family Wrangeliaceae


Uniseriate filaments with large central axial cells.  Attahed by rhizoids.Axes are ecorticate or corticated by filaments from base of lateral branchlets.  May be multilayered cortication (Dawes and Mathieson 2008).


Similar genera:

Griffithsia, Callithamnion (Ibid.)


Semitropical to tropical marine shores, often on limestone or epiphytic on seagrass and seaweeds.  Widespread (Ibid.).


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