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Name derivation:

“Alternator” or “Changer” – Amoibe (Greek)



Amoeboid cells occur in many diverse evolutionary lines of protists, both photosynthetic and heterotrophic, so are considered polyphyletic.



Unicells that are “amoeboid” are found in several diverse groups of photosynthetic and colorless protists, differing in motility from flagellates and ciliates by the plasticity of their outer cell membrane. Many of them form distinct pseudopods, extensions from the main cell body produced by sol-gel interconversions in the cytoplasm.


Similar genera:

Testate amoebae have outer “tests” or “shells made from small granules of various origins. The tests are most likely a means of protection, diminishing predator or even bacterial invasion.



Amoebae are undoubtedly present in all aquatic habitats from epineustonic to benthic.