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Includes some marine, benthic, and macro-organisms as well as microorganisms

Phytoplankton dominance examples

Common algae & Cyanobacteria:  New Hampshire

Biotoxin References and LD50s


Symbols or abbreviations used:

T -- Terrestrial (on 'roll-over' images)



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To reference the key:

Baker, A.L. et al.  2012.  Phycokey -- an image based key to Algae (PS Protista), Cyanobacteria, and other aquatic objects. University of New Hampshire Center for Freshwater Biology.



Updated 21 May 2013

amphidinium anabaena anabaenopsis aphanizomenon aphanocapsa aphanothece arthrospira aulosira bacillariophyceae botrydiopsis bumilleria calothrix centritractus ceratium chamaesiphon chlorophyceae chroococcus chrysophyceae chrysophytes ciliates coelosphaerium cryptophyceae cyanidiophyceae cyanobacteria cylindrospermum dermocarpa dinophyceae dinophysis eucapsis euglena euglenoids euglenophyceae euglenophytes eustigmatophyce eustigmatophytes eustimatophytes eutreptia eutreptiella fischerella flagellates glaucophyceae glaucophytes gleotrichia gloeocapsa gloeothece gomphosphaeria gymnodinium haptophyceae haptophytes hydra hydracarina images key lakes lyngbya merismopedia microcoleus microcoleus microcystis microcystis microscopic nannochloropsis nostoca ophiocytium oscillatoria oxhyrris peridinium peroniella phacus phormidium phytoplankton Planktothrix planktothrix pleurocapsa pleurotaenium prorocentrum pyrocystis pyrophacus raphidiophyceae rhabdoderma rhabdogloea rhodophyceae rhodophytes rivularia schizothrix silicoflagellates spirulina stichosiphon synechococcus trachelomonas tribonema vaginicola vaucheria xanthophyceae