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Lemna sp.
Modifed from image posted at humanflowerproject.com


Lemna sp.
Image modified from one posted at flickr.com


Lemna sp.
Image modifed from www-staff.it.uts.edu


Lemna sp.
Image modified from vilaslandandwater.org


Lemna trisulca
Image modified from vilaslandandwater.org


Lemna minor with flowers
Image modified from mobot.org


Lemna sp. two stomates on aerial (upper) surface of thallus
Photograph on Micrographia posted online


Lemna gibba
Pre-flowering aerenchyma swelling (left) and flower (right)
Images modified from Wayne P. Armstrong posted at waynesword.palomar.edu


Lemna sp.
Fruit and three seeds
Modified from image by Ludmila V. Tsatsenko and N.G. Malyuga


Lemna sp. covering surface of an open pool in a marsh
Modified from image posted at racerocks.ca


Lemna sp.covering entire surface of a small lake
Image modified from one poosted at flickr.com


Lemna sp. surrounding boat
Image by Guendal Cecovini Amigoni posted at flickr.com


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