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Name derivation:



Trichophilus  Weber-van Bosse  1887;  each of 2 species has been accepted taxonomically (Guiry and Guiry 2013).

Order Ulvophyceae incertae sedis;  Family Ulvophyceae familia incertae sedis



Green pseudoparenchymatous filaments, mainly uniseriate, with thick cell walls and a parietal chloroplast.  Quadriflagellate zoospores are formed duing asexual reproduction.

Similar genera:



Grow on and within the hairs of sloths as well as on shells of freshwater mollusks in South America.

[Note:  Small cyanobacteria unicells (but apparently not Trichophilus) grow within the tube-like guard hairs of polar bears when kept in zoos in the semi-tropics.]



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