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Name derivation:

After Mikhail Iljitsch Golenkin, Russian phycologist.



Golenkinia  Chodat  1894;  7 of 20 species descriptions are currently accepted taxonomically (Guiry and Guiry 2013).

Order Sphaeropleales; Family Neochloridaceae

Synonym in PhycoKey - Golenkiniopsis , Trochiscia



Spherical Unicells, ~ 60 µM diameter, chloroplast often described as singular and cup-shaped, although our examples appear to have multiple small chloroplasts, perhaps the extreme reticulation of one chloroplast. The cell also projects a large number of uniformly thin spines or bristles uniformly distributed over the cell surface.  No sheath is evident, but is reported elsewhere (John et al. 2002).  The bristles are transparent and may be missed in bright-field microscopy unless contrast is optimized.


Similar genera:

Trochiscia is not separated from Golenkinia in PhycoKey, even though some species may have different wall ornamentation and shorter spines. 



Freshwater ponds


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