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Name derivation:

“Hollow Sphere” (From the Greek  koilos -hollow, and sphaira, dim. sphairion –ball, sphere)


Coelosphaerium  Nägeli  1849;  15 of 25 species descriptions are currently accepted taxonomically (Guiry and Guiry 2013).

Order Chroococcales;  Family Gomphosphaeriaceae


Spherical to oval colonies of cells held in a single outer layer of the mucilage. Usually colorless or black in the presence of gas vesicles.

Similar genera:

Microcystis, with which it often occurs, also produces gas vesicles that gives it the same black color; however Coelosphaerium colonies are made of a single layer of cells, while Microcystis colonies are not hollow.


Freshwater plankton worldwide


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