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Name derivation:

Cylindrical seed.


Cylindrospermopsis  G.Seenayya and N. Subba Raju in T.V. Desikachary  1972;  6 of 9 species descriptions are currently accepted taxonomically (Guiry and Guiry 2013).

Order Nostocales;  Family Nostocaceae


Trichome (filament with no visible sheath), either tapered or not tapered, and either straight or helical.

Similar genera:



Aquatic, on plants and hard substrata. Some species occur in the marine intertidal zone.


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Seenayya, G. and N. Subba Raju  1972.  On the ecology and systematic of the alga known as Anabaenopsis raciborskii (Wolosz.) Elenk. and a critical evaluation of the forms described under the genus Anabaenopsis.  In:  Papers submitted to the First International Symposium on Taxonomy and Biology of blue-green algae. (Desikachary, T.V. Eds), pp. 52-57. Madras.