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Name derivation:




RaphidiopsisF.E.Fritsch and F.Rich1929;8 of 9 species descriptions are currently accepted taxonomically (Guiry and Guiry 2013).

Order Nostocales;Family Nostocaceae



Solitary trichomes tapered toward both ends lack sheaths.Trichomes straight, waved or helical.Crosswalls only slightly 'incut' (constricted) or not observable.Multiple ntercalary akinetes form adjacent each other in strings.

Similar genera:

Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii is essentially identical in light microscopy until it forms a terminal heterocyst (not formed in Raphidiopsis).

Raphidiopsis (cyanobacteria, Nostocaceae) is difficult to parse from unicellular Ankistrodesmus (Price 2017, personal communication).In fresh samples Ankistrodesmus has a brighter green color, but with such small cells color distortion occurs in microscopy. In samples preserved with Lugolís Solution the color difference is not apparent.When preserved with formalin or formalin-sugar solution the pigments are bleached.



Freshwater plankton;occasionally forms light blooms, often most concentrated at depths of 1 -3 m (Marin 2010)


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Price, K.2016. Microbiologist, Department of Environmental Protection. Bureau of Laboratories, 2575 Interstate Dr., Harrisburg, PA 17110