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Name derivation:




Thecadiniopsis  R.L.Croome, G.M.Hallegraeff and P.A.Tyler  1987

Order Peridiniales   Family Thecadiniaceae


Motile dinoflagellate with strongly displaced descendent cingulum rendering epicone and hypocone quite asymmetric.  Cell wall has thick cellulosic plates with large pores.  Several brown-red chloroplasts.


Similar genera:




Freshwater to brackish water. Reported only from Tasmania, Australia, in a variety of habitats from coastal dune lagoons to deep glacial lakes.



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Croome, R.L., G.M. Hallegraeff and P.A. Tyler  (1987).  Thecadiniopsis tasmanica gen. etsp. nov. (Dinophyta: Thecadiniaceae) from Tasmanian freshwaters.  British Phycological Journal 22: 325-333.