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Name derivation:

Ahnfeltia: named for Professor Nils Otto Ahnfelt of Lund, Sweden, a bryologist

            plicata: L. plicatus:  foldled up or folded into pleats or furrows

            Common name:= wire weed


A wiry, dichotomously branched red alga producing multiple terete branches from a common base. The alga is sometimes proliferously branched, particularly after being injured. Ahnfeltia is a gametophytic generations that sometimes alternates with a tetrasporangial crustose phase that has been previously designated  as “Porphyrodiscus simulans “.

Similar genera:

Similar to Polyides, except that Ahnfeltia’s is more stiff and tends to be narrower.


Grows in the low littoral and shallow sublittoral zones, often in sand abraded habitats. A psammophytic (sand tolerating) species like Polyides.


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