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Stream Habitats and Sampling
Description Link
Stream sampling for biotic indicies
Stream Sample 1
Stream riffles
Riffle 1
Riffles underwater
Riffle 2
Pools or stagant, slow moving water
Pool 1
Vegetation and riparian zone
Vegetation 1
Stream Insects
Order (Family)
Common Name Action Link
Coleoptera (Gyrinidae) Whirligig Beetles Underwater Respiration Coleoptera 1
Coleoptera (Psephenidae) Water Penny Locomotion Coleoptera 2
Diptera (Chironomidae) Midge Flies Hemoglobin Analog Diptera 1
Diptera (Tabanidae) Horseflies and Deerflies Head Retracting Diptera 2


Mosquito larva Feeding MosquitoFeeding
Diptera (Simulidae) Black Flies Locomotion Simulidae
Ephemeroptera Mayflies Brushing Gills Ephemeroptera 1
Hemiptera (Gerridae) Water Striders "Walking" on Water Hemiptera 1
Hemiptera (Nepidae) Water Scorpion Feeding NepidFeeding
Odonata-Anisoptera Dragonflies Burrowing Odonata-Anisoptera 1
Odonata-Anisoptera Dragonflies Burrowing Odonata-Anisoptera 2
Emerald Dragonflies Swimming Odonata-Anisoptera 3
Odonata-Zygoptera Damselflies Adult form Odonata-Zygoptera 1
Plecoptera Stoneflies Gill Aeration Plecoptera 1
Trichoptera Caddisflies Pupae Trichoptera 1
Trichoptera Caddisflies Scraping Trichoptera 2
Trichoptera Caddisflies Scraping Trichoptera 3

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