An Image-Based Key To The Zooplankton Of North America
Maria A. Aliberti, Elisha Allan, Stephanie Allard, Darren J. Bauer, Wendy Beagen, Shane R. Bradt, Brady Carlson, Sonya C. Carlson, Uyen Mai Doan, Jon Dufresne, W. Travis Godkin, Sara Greene, James F. Haney, Amy Kaplan, Erin Maroni, Shawn Melillo, Amanda L. Murby, Juliette L. Smith (Nowak), Brian Ortman, Judith E. Quist, Shayle Reed, Tiffany Rowin, Monika Schmuck, Richard S. Stemberger, Breanna Travers
Multimedia Requirements
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Our key will be continually enlarged, updated and improved. We welcome others to contribute comments
and images as well as additional taxa. Those interested should contact James Haney at
To Reference the Key: Haney, J.F. et al. "An-Image-based Key to the Zooplankton of North America" version 5.0 released 2013. University of New Hampshire Center for Freshwater Biology <>
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