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Mallomonas (Synurophyceae)


Mallomonas sp.
Imbricate silica scales deposited outside cell membrane, along with extracellularly-inserted silicaceious spones, are evident.  Common in New Hampshire lakes, USA



Mallomonas sp.
Polarized light



Mallomonas sp.
Polarized light , apical end of cell emphasizing "eye spot"



Mallomonas sp. from Dollar Bay, Keweenaw Waterway, Lake Michigan USA
Photograph by Jason Oyadomari, Michigan Technical University, MI USA posted online.



Mallomonas sp., from Wheelwright Pond, Lee, NH USA (2 July 2020)




Mallomonas sp., numerous silicaceous scales and bristles
From image posted at nostoc.pt




Mallomonas sp., bristles dehydrated, cell still within water



Mallomonas sp., dehydrated cell emphasizing 5 - 6 teeth near bristle distal ends



Mallomonas sp., dehydrated cell emphasizing bristles



Mallomonas sp. scales, bristles, and anterior flagellum, from Witten Hammerteich DE
22 June 2006. Photograph by ? posted by plingfactory online



SEM of Mallomonas cf. crassisquama illustrating bristle hooked 'feet' tucked underneath each scale. Photograph posted online



Mallomonas bakeri illustrating overlap of silicaceous scales
SEM photograph by Peter A. Siver, Connecticut College, Fair Haven, CT USA

Siver, P.A. 2018.  Mallomonas skogstadii sp. nov. and M. bakeri sp. nov.: Two New Fossil Species from the Middle Eocene Representing Extinct Members of the Section Heterospinae?. Cryptogamie, Algologie 39(4), 511-524, https://doi.org/10.7872/crya/v39.iss4.2018.511



Mallomonas transsylvanica scale (scale bar 2 um)
Photograph by ? posted online



Mallomonas insignis with rhomboid silicaceous scales and caudal peduncle scales (arrowheads)
Photograph by Michael Plewka posted at plingfactory DE online



Mallomonas caudatus bristles with sawtooth distal ends
SEM photograph by Michael Plewka posted at plingfactory DE



Mallomonas silica spine from Rybníčky u Podbořánek nature reserve, Czech Republic, illustrating unilaterally toothed distal end, shaft, and right-angle hooked proximal end that is inserted into sheath of a flattened body scale extracellularly, allowing the spine to flex during start-stop movements of flagella.  Electron microscope photograph by Martin Pusztai posted online.
[My apologies to the photographer for editing to remove debris and emphasize spine.]



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