UFO Contest




The underwater objects observed at Lower Sawyer Pond were clearly documented with SONAR, but are currently unexplained...

We are asking for help in developing hypotheses that would account for these UFO's or "unidentified floating objects"

spcerWatch the UFO video

UFO Contest Guidelines:

  • Include a title that clearly reflects your hypothesis content
  • Concisely state your hypothesis (250 words or less)
  • References, information or logic that supports the hypothesis and/or excludes alternate hypotheses

The author of the top hypothesis in each category will receive a free CD with the newest version of the CFB Zooplankton Key (version 3.0).

The top 10 hypotheses will be posted on the CFB website
Hypotheses should be submitted to the Center for Freshwater Biology (jfhaney@unh.edu). Please include name and mailing address if you wish to be in the UFO contest.