Current Graduate Student Research
Name Dept. or Prog. Status Research
Bradt, Shane Zoology/ Cooperative Extension Ph.D.

Remote sensing of cyanobacteria and distribution of cyanotoxins

Murby, Amanda L. Zoology/Dept. of Biological Sciences Ph.D. Student Ecology, toxicology and monitoring of cyanobacteria
Beagen, Wendy Ryan Zoology/Dept. of Biological Sciences M.S. Student Succession of zooplankton in Great Bay
Dufresne, Jon Zoology/Dept. of Biological Sciences M.S. Student Zooplankton taxonomy and ecology

Theses and Dissertations
Name Year Degree Research
Allan, Elisha B. 2008 M.S. in Zoology Genetic barcoding of calanoid & cyclopoid copepods
Baldizar, Julie 2002 M.S. in Zoology Factors influencing the diel activity patterns of the stonefly Acroneuria lycorias
Bradt, Shane 2000 M.S. in Zoology An investigation of the biological activity of microcystin-LR: development of a bioassay and study of functional role
Brown, Michael 1996 M.S. in Zoology The effects of alewife (Alsoa pseudoharengus) planktivory on zooplankton community structure
Capron, Shane 1995 M.S. in Zoology Occurrence of microcystins produced by Microcystis aeruginosa (Blue-green algae) and accumulation in zooplankton
Carlson, Sonya 2006 M.S. in Zoology Toxin-producing Microcystis aeruginosa: A trade-off in the vertical distribution of three Daphnia species as predicted by the ideal free distribution with costs model
Godkin, Travis 2007 M.S. in Zoology The effect of cyanobacteria and their chemical cues on the surface area of the third thoracic limb of Daphnia
Hathaway II, Richard 2001 M.S. in Zoology Bioaccumulation of microcystin in crayfish and mussels within New Hampshire lakes and their potential as biomonitors
Johnson, Kimberly 1999 M.S. in Zoology Microcystins in New Hampshire lakes and bioaccumulation in zooplankton
Kinder, Kenneth 1995 M.S. in Zoology The effects of Microcystis aeruginosa on Daphnia feeding behavior and vertical distribution
Murby, Amanda L. 2009 M.S. in Zoology Assessing spatial distributions of cyanobacteria and microcystins in N.H. lakes, with implications for lake monitoring
Nowak, Juliette 2002 M.S. in Zoology Bioaccumulation of microcystins in pumpkinseed sunfish (Lepomis gibbosus)
Nye, Tara 1997 M.S. in Zoology Microcystins in water, gastropods and bivalves from Silver Lake, New Hampshire
Phillips, Nancy 2002 M.S. in Zoology Annual variations in a Microcystis aeruginosa population and the occurrence of microcystins in lake water and sediments
Safryn, Sandra 2003 M.S. in Zoology Behavioral reaction to the dragonfly larvae, Aeshna interrupta, to two predators and their effect on shared prey
Schloss, Annette 1997 PhD in Zoology The use of an artificial light system to assess the influence of relative light change on diel activity cycles of nymphs of the mayfly, Stenonema modestum, in the presence and absence of predators
Whitmore, Greg 2004 M.S. in Zoology The mayfly fauna of southern New Hampshire and its value in aquatic bioindicators
Wyatt, Lauren 2009 M.S. in Zoology Reproductive success of Rainbow Smelt in the Squamscott River

This list may not be comprehensive of all freshwater biology research at UNH.