UNH CFB Members
Complex Systems Research Center
Schloss, Annette e-mail webpage Stream ecology, remote sensing & water quality
Cooperative Extension - UNH (Durham)
Bradt, Shane e-mail   Limnology, remote sensing and GIS
Craycraft, Robert e-mail webpage Lakes Lay Monitoring Program lab/field coordinator
Schloss, Jeffrey e-mail webpage Lakes Lay Monitoring Program & watershed management
Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Biomedical Sciences
Thomas, Kelly e-mail webpage Genome studies; genome-proteome evolution
Department of Natural Resources and the Environment
Babbitt, Kim e-mail webpage Wetland wildlife ecology; Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
McDowell, Bill e-mail webpage Ecosystem ecology and watershed management
Department of Biological Sciences
Baker, Alan e-mail webpage Ecology and behavioral biology; limnology and phycology
Berlinsky, David e-mail webpage Aquaculture; fish physiology; reproduction
Haney, James e-mail webpage Lake ecology & biotoxins
Howell, Hunt e-mail webpage Fisheries biology; ichthyology; aquaculture
Sasner, John e-mail emeritus Physiological effects of biotoxins
University Office of Sustainability (UOS)
Kelly, Tom e-mail webpage UNH chief sustainability officer & UOS director


Associate Members
Graduate Students - UNH
Beagen, Wendy Ryan e-mail   M.S. student- Succession of zooplankton in Great Bay
Dufresne, Jon e-mail   M.S. student- Limnology and zooplankton taxonomy
Murby, Amanda L. e-mail   PhD student- Cyanobacteria, microcystins & lake ecology
Members outside of UNH
Carlson, Sonya e-mail   Beach Coordinator - NH Department of Environmental Services
Colburn, Jacquie e-mail   Lakes Coordinator - NH Department of Environmental Services
Snook, Hilary e-mail   US Environmental Protection Agency; Region 1