Course name   Catalogue number Special notes
Field Studies in Lake Ecology   ZOOL/PBIO 719/819 offered T/Th
Lake Ecology   ZOOL/PBIO 717/817 offerred M/W/F

Course name   Catalogue number Special notes
Lakes Management: A Multidisciplinary Approach   ZOOL 732/832 not offered every spring
Zooplankton Ecology   ZOOL 711/811 not offered every spring
Stream Ecology   ZOOL 708/808 not offered every spring

Cooperative Extension Courses
GIS and GPS related courses offered throughout the year (click here for more information)
Introduction to ArcView and ArcGIS, Points Pictures and Places, Watershed Analysis using Spatial Analyst, ArcGIS Drivers Permit, Community Mapping, Mapping Wildlife Habitat

This list may not be comprehensive of all freshwater biology courses at UNH.